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Auto Repair NY Tune-Up Service
If you want to prolong your car’s life and keep it running efficiently, consult the maintenance schedule in the manual. Your mechanic at Auto Repair NYC can help you with your tune up regardless of the make and model.

Auto Repair NY Tune-Up Service
Older car models need regular tune-ups but newer models don’t need the traditional bi-annual tune up. Newer models can drive for longer than older ones without regular maintenance but you still need to keep up with regular maintenance as well as spark plug changes and overhauls if the vehicle starts to run poorly.

Auto Repair NY has a fully-trained, certified staff that is the go-to address in the New York area for all tune-up needs. The licensed mechanics have the skills and knowledge to tune up any make or model car and get you back on the road again with a purring engine and a smooth ride.

Some of the tune-up tasks that the NY Auto Repair can complete quickly and efficiently include Changing Spark Plugs – Spark plugs provide the electric spark that initiates combustion in your engine to get your car moving. If the spark plugs are worn out or dirty your engine won’t run properly or may misfire, adversely affect ignition wires,

Keeping clean, well-functioning spark plugs in your car will take you a long way towards giving your car long life and giving you a good ride.

Filters – keeping your filters clean and dust-free is an important aspect of car maintenance. Fuel filters don’t need to be changed in the newest cars but if your car was built before fuel economy improved and car technology advanced, you’ll need to replace your fuel filter on a regular basis.

Your maintenance schedule will tell you when the filter needs to be replaced.
If you see that you are having trouble accelerating when driving up-hill, it may be time to replace your fuel filter.

Air filters prevent dust and sand from getting inside the engine which can damage the cylinder walls. If the air filter is dirty it can strain your engine. Make sure to have your air filter replace at least every 30,000 miles to help your engine "breath."
Fuel injectors — fuel injectors should be cleaned or flushed during a tune up. The mechanic will connect a special setup to the engine fuel rail and run the engine on an injector cleaning solution to clean out the fuel valves, injectors and pistons.

Batteries – Batteries last longer than they used to but they don’t last forever. Your mechanic can test your battery and let you know, based on his test of the charging system, whether you need to replace the battery. These tasks, together with timing belts replacements, drive belts replacements, oxygen sensor tests and other maintenance tasks will keep your car tuned up and running well on the road.

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