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Auto Repair Transmission Service If the “Check Engine” light comes on or if you hear unusual noises coming from underneath your car, it’s time to head to your auto repair. You may need a simple adjustment or a more thorough evaluation but the soon you tend to the issue, the better.

Auto Repair NY Transmission Service Even if you’re careful to get your car serviced on a regular basis you might develop problems with your car’s transmission. Sometimes the problem is minor but other times there’s a more serious problem with the engine.

You might see your “check engine” light come on or you may hear noises coming from under the car. Perhaps you don’t get the usual response when the accelerator pedal is pressed as the transmission doesn’t respond properly.

If any of these circumstances occur, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Go to your local Auto Repair NYC to get the problem properly diagnosed and fixed. The NYC Auto Repair has trained, certified mechanics on staff who can identify where the problem originated and how to repair the problem with the least amount of waiting time and in the most cost-effective manner.

The New York Auto Repair has access to state-of-the-art computer equipment that can properly diagnose any transmission issues related. The equipment will target the source of the problem and then provide the solution to the issue. Transmission Problems

Some common transmission problems include
. Slipping – slipping occurs when the car is in neutral or when you step on the throttle and the engine revs but the vehicle doesn’t move forward.
.Running Hot – If the transmission is running hot you might smell a burning
smell or experience a lack of forward movement. This can happen if there’s
not enough transmission fluid running through the system or if the transmission’s cooling system is malfunctioning.

Low Fluid Levels – maintaining proper fluid levels is something that should be done as part of the car’s regular maintenance. If you don’t have the right level of transmission fluid you can damage your transmission as well as the connected components. You might also have an issue with the distribution of the fluid within the transmission and to the various components of the transmission. This occurs when the solenoid, which regulates the flow of transmission fluid throughout the system, malfunctions. The technician at the auto repair shop can identify and rectify the problem for you.

Shifting Gears – gears that become difficult to shift or don’t engage properly are grounds for concern. The staff at the NY auto repair can identify the reason for the gear shift malfunction and correct it, regardless of the make or year of car manufacture.

The NYC Auto Repair is staffed with certified mechanics who can repair any of your brake problems quickly and efficiently. Offer towing service for free drop-off an pick-up.

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