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When it comes to making sure that your car gets proper maintenance, there’s nothing as important as keeping up with regular oil changes. For top oil change service in New York City with quality oil & fast, courteous service, go to the Auto Repair NYC.

Taking care of your car involves regular maintenance. One of the most
important things that you can do to keep your car running smoothly is to keep the oil tank clean and full. Auto Repair NY can help you with that – come into the shop at your convenience for a quick oil change at a time that fits your personal schedule.

Maintaining the Right Oil Level:
You don’t have to be a graduate of an auto mechanics course to keep your car purring happily on the road. Develop a good relationship with a trusted mechanic so that you keep all the parts of your car working smoothly.

Some of the most important car maintenance tasks include replacing oil, fuel, cabin and air filters on a regular basis, tuning the engine, keeping your brake fluid at its proper level, refilling transmission fluids when needed and keeping your tires in good working order.

One task that needs to be seen to on a regular basis involves keeping the engine oil clean and full. If you drive frequently you’ll need to check your oil level every few weeks. Even new cars need to have oil levels checks periodically. As you’re adding oil, check the oil’s color.

If it’s brown or black, it’s still fine. If, however, it has a light, milky appearance or if there are metal particles, you might have coolant leaking into the engine or your car could have internal engine damage.

Changing the Oil:
In addition to keeping the oil level topped off, you’ll need to change the oil.
Some people like to change the oil themselves but that involves draining the
old oil out and refilling the tank.

Most auto companies recommend oil change intervals of between every 6 to 12 months or every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Changing the oil will keep your car engine well-lubricated and performing well.

New York Auto Repair:

The New York Auto Repair professionals will get your oil changed fast and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about taking a morning off of work to do this simple car maintenance — just drive into the shop at your convenience and the Auto Repair professionals will ensure that your oil is changed quickly.

They’ll make sure that the oil used is the right oil for your type of car and will make recommendations if you feel that the oil that you’ve been using isn’t performing properly.
Call the NY Auto Repair for a free estimate of your oil change.

We suggested to check oil every 3rd day, to insured safe engine running and smooth driving experienced. oil change is the most low cost and quick process you can perform to have a better car performance and last long life for you vehicle. 

The NY Auto Repair is staffed with certified mechanics who can repair any of your brake problems quickly and efficiently.

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