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Car Inspection NYC:
All vehicles registered in New York State must complete a safety inspection once a year at a DMV – licensed inspection station. You can go to Auto Repair NY, which is an Official Inspection Station for the State of New York, to get your sticker.

Car Inspection NYC:
Auto Repair NYC is a licensed DMV inspection station, providing official inspection services for car owners in New York State. The NYC vehicle safety inspection program aims to ensure that every vehicle registered in New York meets the minimum standards for safe operation and the emissions are within the guidelines of New York state law.

Why is Car Inspection Necessary?
Car inspections are time-consuming and require payment. So why is it important to have your car inspected? A properly maintained vehicle is safer, uses fuel more efficiently, saves the owner money and performs better.

The annual inspection isn’t enough – between annual inspections car owners can perform their own safety checks by following a program of regular vehicle maintenance as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

New York State Motor Vehicle Department  Requirements:
NYC Auto Repair is staffed by licensed, certified inspection experts who will check to make sure that your car meets all of New York’s requirements.

If there are any problems the inspectors can tell you what needs to be done and can direct you to a repair shop where the repairs will be facilitated quickly and efficiently.

According to state of New York emissions inspection station, motor vehicles are required to be in safe operating condition whenever they are driven in New York State. The vehicle must be inspected whenever ownership changes hands or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Inspections are scheduled at NYC Auto Repair or other inspection stations and a deposit is made to cover the inspection fee.

NYC Auto will not undertake any repairs without the car owner’s permission. If you request that NYC Auto Repair undertake a repair, you can then have the vehicle re-inspected at the NYC Auto inspection station or at any other inspection station in the state.

State Inspection Items:
As per New York State Law the Auto Repair NYC inspectors will check
Seat belts for proper operation and anchorage. Brakes (brake pedal reserve, proper operation, master cylinder, leakage, fluid level, disc brake pads, drum brake linings, brake drums, brake lines and hoses, parking brake and brake equalization) Steering, Front End, Suspension, Chassis, Frame and Wheel Fasteners Tires (tread depth, tire pressure, tire condition) Lights Windshield glass, wipers and blades,
.Fuel Leaks
.Emissions (thermostatic air cleaner,
fuel inlet restrictor, exhaust gas
re circulation valve, catalytic converter, crankcase ventilation system, air
injection system and evaporation emissions control)

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