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Brake Service - NYC Auto Repair!

If you care about your safety you’ll want to make sure that the brakes on your care are working efficiently. When you take your car in for servicing or for a tune up, ask the Auto Repair NYC technicians about their brake service.

Auto Repair NYC Brake Service : Some cars go a lifetime without the need for a brake service. However, if you feel experience any sign that your breaks need attention, don’t wait for the situation to deteriorate – drive to the Auto Repair NY to request an evaluation of the problem.

Signs of Brake Problems in your car !
Signs that you need a brake service include
 1. If you see the brake light on your dashboard lit up
 2. If the car bounces when you stop short
3. If you hear squealing, grinding or squeaking noises when applying the brakes
4. If there’s a wobbling, scraping or vibration sensation when you break
 5. If you see leaking fluid
 6. If the car pulls to one side when you brake
7. If the brake pedal feels spongy or soft
8.  If you smell burning

Common Brakes Problems
There are multiple possible issues that can occur with brakes. No warning sign should be ignored and you should never postpone having your brakes checked if you suspect a problem.

Some of the most common brakes problems include
1.  Wheel speed sensors – wheel speed sensors are the sensors that sense how fast each wheel is spinning. When the wheel speed sensors stop working your traction control system, and sometimes even your ABS system, turn off.
They won’t turn on again until the problem has been resolved. In general, speed sensor repair is not an expensive fix.

Brake pressure – the most common reason for brake pressure problems
involves air in the brake lines. To solve this problem you should bleed the
master cylinder as you replace a brake. The master cylinder should be full of brake fluid and, by closing the valve while the pedal has been pushed down to the floor, all of the air should be released from the line.

Leaking Brake Fluid – Brake fluid lubricates the the various components of your vehicle’s braking system so that they move fluidly in tandem. Brake fluid operates under high pressure and high temperatures. Without brake fluid you might have a leaking caliper piston seal. In such a case the brake caliper needs to be bled and the caliper needs to be replaced. If the problem is a bad brake hose, your brake line broke at the spot where the metal line turns into a flexible rubber line. In such a case your mechanic needs to bleed the brake system and replace the line.

The NYC Auto Repair is staffed with certified mechanics who can repair any of your brake problems quickly and efficiently.

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