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Auto Repair NYC
Finding a quality auto repair service on which to rely is one of the most important things that car owners can do. NYC residents can trust Auto Repair NYC for all of their car maintenance and repair needs. Auto Repair NYC You don’t want to wait until you have car problems to find an good quality auto repair shop. It’s important to find a trustworthy venue where you can consult with the professionals and bring your car for periodic maintenance and updates.

Check out Auto Repair NYC for all of your car maintenance and repair needs. The shop offers you a comfortable and convenient setting where your car will be placed in reliable hands. The professional repair personnel are licensed and knowledgeable about all car issues and about all foreign and domestic cars.

The NY Auto Repair offers competitive pricing and emergency car service. Call today for a free estimate or, better yet, walk in to see the repair shop where NYC residents prefer to bring their cars. Car Repairs Some of the most common types of maintenance and repairs that the shop provides includes:

Oil Changes:
Oil changes are one of the most frequent car maintenance needs but if the oil change is done incorrectly it can ruin the car. Our shop's technicians are knowledgeable about the right type of oil for each type of car.

Your various parts of your car’s engine must be properly lubricated to avoid damage. As you drive the oil breaks down through dust, dirt and debris contamination. Bring your car into the shop to change the oil and filter every 3-6 months (depending on how much your drive). Our technicians will change your oil consistent with the make, model, condition and mileage of your car.

Tires When it comes to your car’s tires, it’s best to prepare for any possible circumstance to avoid flats or blow-outs. Bring your car in to have your tires inspected and, if necessary, fixed or changed. Each vehicle has its own tire needs and our staff is knowledgeable regarding all tire needs for all cars. If possible our certified technicians will repair the tire or, if needed will replace them entirely. Our goal is to make sure that you’re safe when you’re out on the road.

If your brake pedal needs to be pressed further down to the floor than usual, if it seems
spongy, if your car pulls to the side when you break or if you hear unusual noises or feel
vibrations when braking, bring your car in immediate to have your brakes assessed.
It may be nothing but you don’t want to be out on the road when your brake pads go. Our licensed mechanics will give your car a full, 23-point inspection and will replace any necessary parts to make sure that you’re safe and secure when you go back out on the road.
Other Services
Other NYC Auto Repair services include mufflers, heating and air conditioning, exhaust,
batteries, steering, suspensions, driveshafts and more. You can rely on our friendly
technicians for all of your car repair needs.

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